Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Lovely Day

What a glorious sunny day and doesn't it lift your spirits.  I got in to a spring cleaning mode, so had a good clear up.  With all the work going on, we live with a constant layer of dust everywhere.  But just for a few hours today everything is clean and tidy and the doors are thrown open letting in the lovely fresh air.

Now I'm done (housework doesn't take too long here, thankfully), I am sitting on the aft deck watching the watery world around me.  The tide is in, the birds are playing, boats are returning from their weekend away and I have a lovely cup of tea and a piece of homemade fruit cake.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend x


  1. Your life sounds idyllic Fran and the views from your deckchair must always hold an interesting vista one way or another.

    Our weekend continues through until midnight on Monday, It being Paddy's Day :-)

  2. Your view is gorgeous, Fran. I love what you see from your deck and sometimes wish we had a more open outlook onto the water. So glad you could enjoy the sunshine at last!

  3. The sunshine does give you a new lease of energy doesnt it, We have been doing a few spring cleaning chores too. I am glad you found some time to relax and enjoy your wonderful view. X

  4. I'm enjoying the nicer weather too. It is so good to be able to walk up the garden to the hens and not be squelching through thick mud. You have a lovely view : )

  5. That's the life! We had a dull, overcast weekend with lots of wind. No blue skies here.

  6. Top Of The Mornin' Fran,
    The view from your back deck is marvelous . . . I agree with that being a perfectly wonderful way to spend an afternoon. It looks like Pete is getting a lot done on the barge. It's looking more homey and cozy each time you post :)
    Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. Mel - parts of my life are idyllic - others chaotic! But you are right, there is always something going on on the water and I love it xxx

    DC - but then I envy your land around you xxx

    Val - but you have other wonderful comings and goings on the water, and you have your ducks! xxx

    Karen - nothing like the calmness that you feel when you have had a spring clean and a declutter xxx

    Ib - thank you, haven't been able to comment so much on your blog, the ipad objects for some reason! xxx

    Jo - unfortunately my allotment hasn't dried up yet, but we don't have so much mud around the barge which is great when walking the dog! xxx

    Jo - shame, if I'd known I would have sent you some! xxx

    Connie - I knew you would love the view of the water. I love my barge a little bit more each time Pete does something else - but then I already love it 100% so where do I go from here! xxx

  8. Fran - much as I love my garden and spend most of my recreational hours in it, having lived afloat for years I can say I definitely prefer the boat. Its capacity for slowing the pace of life even in the middle of a rat race cannot be overstated.

    F (Tiggers Mum)

  9. Hi Fran,
    That looks a great way to spend a sunny day once the housework is out of the way! How strange your daffodils lost their scent. Sarah x

  10. Just a line to let you know that you've won my giveaway. The Cut Flower Patch is a wonderful book so I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Can you please let me have your name and address details so that I can pass them on to the publishers so they can get the book in the post to you.

  11. Hi Fran. Could you please let me have your name and address so that I can get the book sent out to you. Thanks.

  12. What a great place to live. You's worked so hard and it is all paying off. - Margy