Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beginning to look like home.

We are still living in a building site, but we are trying to make it more like a home.  Here are pictures of the 'snug' with comfy chairs and the wood burner.  It is still a novelty to sit in an armchair rather than on the bunks of the yacht and the wood burner gives off some serious heat and dries the washing beautifully!

But what I am really excited about is my new cooker.  The LPG gas is being fitted to it today and after three years of basically cooking on a camping stove, I really cannot wait to start cooking properly.  I love cooking and entertaining.  I have promised Pete a roast dinner tonight but who knows what other culinary delights I can conjure up, cookery books here I come!!!!  I wish I could invite every one of you to dinner tonight xxx


Jo said...

Fabulous. I've got serious cooker envy. There'll be no stopping you now.

Dc said...

Can't beat being comfy and having a nice hot meal plus a warm area to sit.

Jo said...

Looks cosy. Enjoy your meal : )

Karen said...

Wow! That's some cooker, fabulous! Just in nice time for those lovely hot dinners on cold miserable days. Your wood burner looks so warm and cosy.

Down by the sea said...

That looks such a cosy corner. I don't know how you have cooked on a camping stove for so long! Your new cooker looks fantastic,I'm sure you will be enjoying many meals with it's assistance.
Sarah x

Connie said...

Hello Fran, I am so excited and happy for you. That cooking stove is amazing. You are going to have so much fun and "Oh My" your new home on the water is going to be smelling like roasts, breads, cookies and cakes . . . watch out or you will fatten up that man of
yours :) Also, your comfy chairs . . . so much better than sitting on a bunk.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Val Poore said...

Wow, Fran, that' looks fabulous! Your home is really starting to take shape. And the cooker looks amazing. We won't hear from you now! You'll be having so much fun :-)))

Wendy said...

The cooker looks great and your home is looking very cosy and comfortable. Wonderful!

A Heron's View said...

Good to see that the essentials are present in the top photo i.e. easy chairs, a half full wine rack and wellies!

Surprised not to see any life preservers though ?

Fran said...

Jo - I love my cooker, I keep stroking it every time I walk passed it! x

DC - I agree - there's not a lot more in life that you need x

Jo - thank you and we did x

Karen - I can't wait, this weekend will see some serious cooking x

Sarah - I always looked on the bright side - no oven to clean! x

Connie - He needs a bit of fattening up after all the work he's done! I am practising cooking for when you come visit! x

Val - you certainly will hear from me! I am still planning a trip very soon, but moving and babies have got in the way at the moment, but I am not complaining x

Wendy - thank you, we will be curling up and hibernating for the winter soon! x

Mel - life preservers when we spend most of the time sitting in the mud! Nobody else spotted the half empty wine rack! x

saving for travel said...


Sft x

Connie said...

Hi Fran, I haven't heard from you in a while, so stopped by to see if everything is okay in your neck of the woods. God Bless.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Down by the sea said...

Hope you have stayed safe and haven't suffered any damage with the storm surge.
Sarah x

Powell River Books said...

Looks a lot like our sofa snuggled up to the wood stove. I know what you mean about it putting out a lot of heat. Your cooker looks super. Lots of burner and oven/broiler space. Did you get the one that produced hot water as well? - Margy

Haytem said...

I love reading this, it makes me feel happy I don't know why :p Anyway, thanks for sharing!