Monday, 5 November 2012

Buttons, Boots and Bonnie

Rob and Emily have the patter of tiny feet around their house. Meet Boots and Buttons. They are so cute, but Alfie is terrified of them! I think it is probably because they are so small that he knows he cannot bark at them or shift them out the way with his paw. So much for our big brave guard dog!
Bonnie, my almost granddaughter, on the other hand is proving quite a playmate for Alfie. She has just started crawling and they have great fun when Alfie puts the ball just out of her reach and then grabs it back just as she gets to it. Bonnie then squeals with delight and the whole game is played over and over again!


  1. They are gorgeous Fran!

    And so is that baby girl!

    Sft x

  2. What sweeties, Fran, the kitties and little Bonnie. She looks an absolute darling. Lovely photos.

  3. Oh, aren't they all just too sweet for words, Fran. Bonnie has such a great smile, I'm sure that's why Alfie trusts her and plays with her. Be glad he hasn't started playing with the kittens yet. It could get interesting, and something might get broken. LOL

  4. Thanks guys, I think they are all so cute, but then I am slightly biased!!! xxx