Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Only Way To Spend A Hot Sunday

We have taken the weekend off and come sailing with some friends. We tried to race yesterday but with no wind, at one point we were going backwards. Great BBQ last night a Bradwell Quay, a lazy Sunday morning, and hopefully a gentle breeze to get back to Tollesbury.


  1. After a good night on the 'hard stuff' they look to be all washed up, a bit like flotsam on the beach :)

  2. Guess now that all the festivities are over you can break out the good weather. - Margy

  3. Nice !!
    Myself, I`m going for another
    7w of holiday.
    Starting next week...........

  4. Lovely, Fran! It looks very 'gezellig' as we say over here. We've just had the thrill of going out in our little barge after three years of seemingly insurmountable engine and steering problems. It felt sooooo good to be out on the water again. The trust still needs to be built up, but it's a big first step. I'm so glad you are enjoying some sailing time too! There's nothing like it, is there?

  5. Looks like a great way to spend the day.

  6. Hi Fran, Oh how I wish Steve and I were there . . . there are not many things in life that we love more than sailing. Big regret in selling our boat. The cabin cruiser that we replace her with just doesn't do it for us. Let's see, Motor or Sail, it's a no brainier. What were we thinking?
    I am so happy that you had this relaxing weekend on the water.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I know that you are right . . . the poor teachers have a classroom filled with new faces and personalities. Finding what each one needs and giving them the attention that will help them grow is a challenge. Teachers are the cornerstones to your future . . . I have a huge amount of respect for them. Have a wonderful day, Connie :)

  7. Hi Fran,

    So much I'm catching up on.

    Firstly congrats to your son and his lovely wife. Looks like they had the perfect day. Such a great venue (my friend's son got married there too and raved about it!).

    Hot Air Balloon-Fantastic experience!

    Sunday on the boat-Heavenly. Wish I could join you.

    Sft xxxxx

  8. Hi Fran

    You are lucky to be able to get out on the water when its hot. Sounds like fun. Hope Pete enjoyed the ballooning... I've been catching up on your posts as I rarely go online these days. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer x

  9. on the sea :) My husband and I took an introductory sailing course last week and had a pretty good time. I'm not sure we're the racing type but a day out on the water, even going backwards, sounds lovely to me.

  10. Thanks for all your comments, like everyone else I am catching up at the moment, so you will be hearing from me soon (and that is a promise not a threat!!!) xxxx

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