Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day

I do love my boys!  Here is my Mother's Day present from Rob and Stu, two tonnes of best quality topsoil.  It was just what I needed for my raised beds and I am really pleased with it.  My allotment is down the back end of the allotment site and you cannot get a truck down to it.  So the boys, Rob's boss and workmate barrowed it down to the allotment, filled two beds that were ready and piled up the rest all ready and waiting for me.  There cannot be too many mum's who can boast that they got mud for Mother's Day!!

So here are the two beds that were lined out with cardboard and newspaper, half filled with manure and then topped up with my new topsoil.  I planted peas in the back bed (you cannot really see the pea sticks) and put the french bean supports in while the ground was soft enough to push them into the ground (just like the book said!). I will work on the other bed this coming weekend. As I type, Pete is busily making me some more raised beds, so this coming weekend I will be really really busy.
On Sunday the boys and their partners, Pete and I and Mum and Dad all went to a local Chinese buffet, where you can eat as much as you like.  Philip also got me some wonderful skincare bits from Neal's Yard as he knows that I love it.  So I was truly spoilt rotten.  But what made the day special was having all my family around me, enjoying a meal and chewing the cud.  I know that my Mum feels the same.  I hope you all had a great Mother's Day too.


  1. Now that's talking. And already put to good use!

    Neal's Yard? Have they expanded out of Covent Garden (and cheese). I must catch up.

  2. Hi Mal, Neal's Yard is still in Covent Garden, luckily my son works nearby. Of course these days you can get their produce on the internet. I am old enough to remember that in the 70s it was one of the few places you could get veggie food and museli!

  3. Our Mother's Day comes in May. There are always so many differences. Happy Mom's Day English style - and I know how much you love your top soil! - Margy