Saturday, 16 October 2010

More Lived In Look

I know that these photos are not from a boat, but they are from a cabin on a beach and there is a definite boatie theme going on here.   Again this is a very shabby look, but I think it looks great.  I  would love to have the confidence to feel I could get away with it.
 At the moment we are concentrating on getting the house up to scratch and ready to go back on the market.  Pete is decorating throughout and hating every minute of it!  Since it is what he does all day, weekends are very much a busman's holiday.  I am also not much help as it is painful everytime I move!  He just cannot wait to get back working on the barge.
On another note, I am not in hospital yet, still waiting for more tests and confirmation about what is actually wrong with me.  I have always been a great champion of the National Health Service, but my experience over the last few weeks is beginning to make me lose faith.  I am afraid that progressive funding cuts and the loss of morale among the very overworked and understaffed front line workers has taken its toll over the years and this looks set to get worse.  Our Health Service which was once the envy of the world is becoming seriously second rate.  Now I will get off my soap box!


  1. I am really enjoying your blog! We are also preparing a house and working on a boat. Don, my hubby, is currently installing a Webasto heating system (hydronic), while I attempt to get rid of "stuff."

    Your comments on the health system in the UK give me pause, what with the upcoming healthcare "reform" (deform?) here in the States.


  2. Thanks Sue Ellen, it's nice to meet you. Several of our friends have Webasto heatin systems and they are lovely and toastie in the winter. What type of boat do you have? Are you planning to live on it too? Keep in touch x

  3. Gee. I thought I responded to this. Our boat is a 56 ft. Roberts designed steel ketch. Yes, we are planning to live on it. We are going to Alaska (hence, the good heating system) in January where I have a new job. We will take the ferry up, so I will have a car. Then Don will fly back down and get the boat. We are hoping for a nice stretch of good weather in Jan. or Feb. for that trip.

  4. Health care in Canada was once the pride of the nation, too. An aging population, underfunding and misuse of the system has produced a similar decline in what was once very good universal medical practice. Hope you get the best treatment for your ailment.