Sunday, 11 April 2010

And then there was light!

Pete spent yesterday cutting a big hole in the boat.  He has cut this section out to give us some more headroom in the bedroom.  Next bit to go is the deck area that you can see here.  I was all for putting the bed under this area and not worrying about raising it.  But Pete, having whacked his head a few times, decided it had to go. It is also amazing how much extra light there now is down below.  This is not a very good picture as the sun was very bright!  I will post more pictures as the work progresses on this particular job.


  1. I know that something we want lots of is natural daylight. Sounds like a good move to me, and if it helps cut down on the head wacking, it has to be an advantage!

  2. Hi Janys, I agree, light is very important and I want everything to feel light and airy. More importantly though, how are you doing? x

  3. Thanks for asking, Fran. I am keeping my head and hands as busy as possible for now. When I get some straight answers I will be able to decide how much relaxing I can allow myself!!
    I love the armchair in this picture and conjure up images of your Pete sitting there with a cuppa between "rounds" or gruelling work!
    Hope everything is moving along nicely...