Monday, 21 September 2009

Busy Two Weeks

We have had a really busy couple of weeks. First to the work done on Bonnie. We have had another hatch cut on the foredeck, which will eventually have a hatch fitted to allow light and ventilation to the office area.

Then there's the door to the office area.
And finally, look at this nice clean bottom all ready for greasing. I told you I was good, cheap labour!

We also had the 'Ginger Party'. Everyone was red-haired, the food was ginger and the place was orange. All for Billy's birthday!

Happy Birthday Billy!
This weekend I was on another committee boat. This time for our GP14 Open Meeting. Visitors came from everywhere and we had 25 boats racing, it was really exciting. The weather was great, although perhaps the racers could have done with a bit more wind, but on the committee boat it was perfect! Sun and sailing, what more could one ask for!


  1. Bonnie has wonderfully clean looking steel inside.

    No/minimal rust busting, that must be such a pleasure.

  2. Plenty of old bitumen paint to be chipped off. The photo is the result of hours work. But yes, no rust which is a bonus.

  3. Are you going to spray insulation on the steel?

  4. Hi Bowiechick. Our surveyor has said that spray insulation would not be a good idea on our hull. He has suggested that (as we are not millionaires!) the rockwall is as good as any insulation and that we take it off, bag it up and put it back. He said use black bin bags, but someone else has suggested bubblewrap to provide even more insulation.

  5. Well the one thing about it is that spraying onto the metal is that prevents further rusting from the inside. But absolutely it isn't cheap. We have done this to most of the catamaran save the section under bow section/galley. When and if the opportunity to renovate my kitchen and get rid of my crappy cabinets ever happens I hope to lift up that floor and do that section too. I can tell the difference come winter as soon as I walk over the parts of the floor that we didn't do.

  6. Hadn't thought about insulation under the floorboards. Makes sense though, nothing worse than cold feet, especially when Hubby refuses to allow me to warm them up on him!